A New Era, A New You

A 2-week initiatic journey to make sense of the role Pluto plays in your chart and prepare for the 20-year Pluto In Aquarius transit

On March 23rd, 2023 Pluto enters Aquarius. In the next 20 years, things are about to change in ways we can't even fathom.

But what does Pluto's ingress into Aquarius mean for you specifically?

"PLUTO IN AQUARIUS - A New Era, A New You" is an experiential immersion into the heart of Pluto.

The program consists of:

  • Prerecorded video lessons with transcripts
  • 1 live meditation, 2 Q&A calls, and 1 workshop (watch the recordings)
  • Assignments and exercises carefully designed to help you in the process
  • Community support - online forum and/or private Facebook group
  • Lifetime access to all course materials and all live call recordings

"PLUTO IN AQUARIUS - A New Era, A New You" is suitable for all astrology levels - as a beginner, you will get the step-by-step guidance you need, and as an intermediary or advanced student, you will deepen your understanding of Pluto.

This is not just an online course or a technical overview of Pluto - this is an experiential immersion into Pluto that will impact you on multiple levels.  

Pluto is the most mysterious and complex astrological archetype. Understanding Pluto can make a big difference in the quality of your life. We can fear Pluto, OR we can make friends with Pluto and co-create a new reality with awareness.

"PLUTO IN AQUARIUS - A New Era, A New You" follows a clear framework to help you get to the heart of Pluto: 

  • MODULE 1 - Pluto In Astrology: learn about Pluto through myths, astronomy, key attributes, and celebrity examples
  • MODULE 2 - Pluto In Your Natal Chart: explore the unique role Pluto plays in your natal chart
  • MODULE 3 - Pluto Transits: deep-dive into the Pluto transits, the Pluto cycle, and analyze your Pluto transits from the past
  • MODULE 4 - Pluto in Aquarius: discover what to expect from the upcoming 20-year Pluto in Aquarius transit

Pluto in Aquarius is the beginning of a new era. Just like the caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, this ingress is your unique opportunity to step into the next version of yourself. A new ERA, a new YOU.

PLUTO IN AQUARIUS comes with pre-recorded lessons + live events: 1 meditation, 2 Q&A calls, and 1 workshop

MODULE 1: Pluto In Astrology

Learn what role Pluto plays in astrology:

  • Pluto in mythology
  • Pluto in the solar system
  • Pluto's key attributes
  • Pluto's cycle of change
  • Examples of Plutonic celebrities
  • LIVE MEDITATION on March 28th (1hour, 2 time slots available)

MODULE 2: Pluto In Your Natal Chart

Learn what role Pluto plays in your natal chart: 

  • Your Pluto sign or Pluto generation
  • Your Pluto house placement
  • Your Pluto aspects
  • Your "Pluto strength"
  • Chart examples
  • LIVE Q&A on April 2nd (2 time slots available)

MODULE 3: Pluto Transits

Understand your Pluto transits:

  • The higher purpose of a Pluto transit
  • Pluto transits to planets and angles
  • Pluto's 248-year cycle
  • Your Pluto transits from the past
  • Examples of Pluto transits
  • LIVE Q&A on April 5th (2 time slots available)  


MODULE 3: Pluto In Aquarius

Get in synch with Pluto In Aquarius:

  • Deep-dive into the Aquarius archetype
  • Understand Pluto in Aquarius' 20-year mandate
  • How Pluto in Aquarius will influence you
  • LIVE WORKSHOP on April 9th (2 time slots available)  

Is this your first Astro Butterfly program? More than 4.000 people have graduated from Astro Butterfly School's courses and 97% rated them "Excellent" and "Very good". Here is some feedback:

The course really shed light on behaviors and issues I was not aware of, and brought me peace regarding the things I mastered in my life."  

"I liked it more than I thought I would. The best $$ I spent on an astrology course."  

"I loved it and I've been using what I've learned with my own clients with brilliant results."      

"I found this course fascinating (I rarely do surveys: it's a sign that I'm doing this). The detail was awesome. The posts were interesting, illuminating and helpful."  

"I'm an instructor and hold a masters degree in Education. This course is extremely well organized!!!"  

"Enjoyed every part ~ from start to finish."  

"The insight-provoking questions really helped me go deep and uderstand myself in a new way."  

"PLUTO IN AQUARIUS - A New Era, A New You" is for you if:

  • You've always been intrigued by Pluto, and the role it plays in your chart 
  • You want to navigate through Pluto's transit in Aquarius with awareness
  • You're going through a personal transformation or transition, or want to make sense of a past challenging experience
  • You're ready to confront some hard truths about yourself and take responsibility for your life
  • You're not only looking to "learn more" about Pluto, or to "watch some videos" - you are willing to do the work (participate, share, complete the course assignments) 

"PLUTO IN AQUARIUS - A New Era, A New You" is not for you if:

  • Struggle with the online learning format, for example with following tutorials
  • You want a chart reading or 1-on-1 support
  • You are not willing to complete the course assignments
  • You're looking for quick fixes or fortune-telling type of predictions
  • You think you already know everything about Pluto


Q: How long do I have access to the program?

A: You have lifetime access to all the course materials. Aim to keep up with the schedule to benefit from the powerful astrological backdrop, but if for whatever reason, you can't, rest assured that you'll have lifetime access to all the course materials. 

Q: Do I need to show up live?

A: The course content is pre-recorded and it will be dripped twice a week - you will be notified by email when new content is released.

Q: How much time do I need to invest?

A: Most students invest between 8-12 hours in total, or 4-6 hours a week. If you're active in the community, add a few extra hours.

Q: Will I get any support?

A: Yes. You can ask questions in the live Q&A calls, in the forum section or in the private Facebook group.

Q: Is the program worth the price tag?

A: Yes! PLUTO IN AQUARIUS is priced at 1 hour of counseling, but it can help you gain insights that are impossible to uncover in 1 hour of counseling (or even 10). Moreover, when you invest in yourself, you are "invested" and you are much more likely to complete the program, and thus, get the benefits. 

Q: Does the program come with a money-back guarantee?

A: Yes, the program comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. To qualify for a refund, you must join the live calls and submit proof you've completed the assignments, to show that you're fully committed and that you're willing to give the program an honest try.

Do you have any questions? Contact the Astro Butterfly team using this Contact Form.

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