Chiron - Your Deepest Wound, Your Greatest Gift 

Your Deepest Wound, Your Greatest Gift is an online course to help you 1). identify your deepest wound 2). discover the best healing approaches based on your natal chart, and 3). transform your wound into your greatest gift. 

We all experience feelings of guilt, shame, regret, anger, fear, and inadequacy.

But somewhere, in an even deeper place, beyond your wound, there is a spark of divine light waiting to be unleashed. Just like Chiron was born half-animal, half-God, there is a part of you that is human and fragile and a part of you which is divine and immortal. 

Chiron's symbol is the KEY for a reason.  

Chiron can unlock your chart and open the doors to your psyche. There is no other astrology archetype that is better suited for profound, holistic healing.

I created this course because I truly believe that every single one of us is born for a reason. And that the key to finding this reason, this unique gift or talent, lays in our deepest, most primal wound. 

Your Deepest Wound, Your Greatest Gift is an online course that will provide you with a clear framework on how to not only heal your deepest wound, but to turn it into your greatest gift. 

Discover the 3 Chiron Archetypes:


The Wounded Healer

The most primal Chiron archetype is related to our wound and to the coping mechanisms we use to heal the wound.

  • Find out what the position of Chiron in your natal chart reveals about you and your pain profile
  • Get clarity on what your wound is and on the early strategies you developed to 'cope' with this
  • Discover what is keeping you attached to your wound, and why you cannot become a healer while you are still wounded


The Shaman

The intermediate expression of Chiron, associated with the 'healing crisis'. True healing comes when we integrate our wound.

  • Discover what a 'healing crisis' is and how Chiron transits activate it; learn why integrating all of your broken parts is vital to healing
  • Understand why Chiron is the 'link' between your past and your future, and what role Chiron plays in ancestry
  • The best approach to healing, according to the position of Chiron in your natal chart 


The Alchemist

The highest expression of Chiron. The wound has been fully transcended and transformed into a gift.

  • Learn why Chiron is the Alchemist of the zodiac
  • Discover special signatures in your chart that can help you activate your inner Alchemist
  • Find out how to work with Chiron in Aries to turn your wound into a gift

Is This Course For You?

  • You know you were born for a reason, but you are not quite sure what that reason is. Chasing goals eventually leaves you empty and longing for more.
  • You have done well in life; you are generally content with yourself and have good relationships with other people, but you still have a vague sense of disconnection from the world; something deep inside is 'off'.
  • You are attracted to the field of healing - you have experimented with alternative healing methods or you are a healer yourself.
  • You are not looking for a miracle - you are looking for a step-by-step framework, for a structured approach to guide you on the right path.
  • You love astrology because you relate to the archetypal dimensions of signs and planets; you may be especially intrigued by Chiron and what role it plays in your natal chart

Frequently Asked Questions:  

Q: When does the course start and finish?

You get instant access to all the course materials.

Q: How long do I have access to the course?

You have lifetime access to the course, and will also get free access to all future course upgrades and bonuses.

Q: What is the format of this course?

The course comes with video lessons (audio with Powerpoint, with captions) and transcripts. In addition to the lessons, you will complete 3 mini-workbooks with exercises. These workbooks are in PDF format - and you can either download them and fill them out or just use a journal or piece of paper.

Q: What are the course requirements?

You need to know your time of birth. The course is open to all astrology levels, however, if you are a complete beginner (for example, if you have never seen your natal chart), the course can be difficult at times. If you get stuck, simply contact Astro Butterfly via email.

Q: Do I need to show up live?

No. The course materials are pre-recorded you can go through them at your convenience.

Q: What if I am unhappy with the course?

If you don't benefit from the program, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, however, you qualify for a refund only if you submit the completed exercises. This is to make sure you give the program an honest try.

Q: Will it work for me?

97% of previous students found the program "Excellent" or "Very good". Chiron - Your Deepest Wound, Your Greatest Gift combines astrology, psychology, and personal development. If you feel the call to transform something about yourself, the program will work for you.

This Is What You Will Get

  • A 3-step Process to turn your wound into a gift. You will explore the process of wounding, healing and transformation through the 3 Chiron archetypes: "The Wounded Healer" (Module 1), "The Shaman" (Module 2), and "The Alchemist" (Module 3).
  • Lifetime access to the course materials - including future upgrades and bonuses
  • Exercises and Assignments to guide you through the journey.
  • Guided Meditations - three guided meditations that will increase your awareness and facilitate the healing process.
  • Free access to 2 Astro Butterfly courses "Astrology And Mental Health" and "Dealing With Difficult Transits"

What Exactly Is Inside The Course?

3 Course Modules

Each module explores one Chiron archetype: meet the Wounded Healer, the Shaman, and the Alchemist. The modules are released weekly.

Assignments and Exercises

You will complete different exercises and assignments for each module of the course. Some of the techniques used are reflection, noting, or visualization.

Email Support

If you get stuck, want to share your experiences, or need any type of support, simply contact us via email.

Guided Meditations

Three guided meditations that will help guide you through the process.

This is what previous students said about "Chiron - Your Deepest Wound, Your Greatest Gift":

"It was like a crash course in therapy. It would have taken years for me to dig that deep. Using the stars to SHED the LIGHT on the wounds has been amazing."

The course really shed light on behaviors and issues I was not aware of, and brought me peace regarding the things I mastered in my life."  

"My relationship with my daughter DRAMATICALLY improved after I've done the course" 

"The understanding of my wound was such an eye opener" 

"I study astrology and I was fascinated by the role Chiron plays in our charts. This course not only showed me what Chiron is all about and how its chart placement afffects me, but also the psychological therapeutic approach made me confront some issues that I needed to revisit"

"I liked it more than I thought I would. The best $$ I spent on an astrology course in a while."  

"I loved it and I've been using what I've learned with my own clients with brilliant results."  

"I am VERY happy I took this course and appreciate all I learned and gained from it."  

"Extremely beneficial and eye-opening. Thank you."  

"I found this course fascinating (I rarely do surveys: it's a sign that I'm doing this)."  

"I'm an instructor and hold a master's degree in Education. This course is extremely well organized!!!"  

"The insight-provoking questions really helped me go deep and understand myself in a new way."  

"I realized how important it is to bring the wound out into the world, instead of keeping it all inside!" 

"I gained clarity about my next steps and path, it reconnected me back to my true purpose as an animal communicator, healer artist and author."

When you enroll in the course, you will also get access to two special bonuses

BONUS 1: Dealing With Difficult Transits - value $ 39

An overview of difficult transits, including examples, as well as mitigating approaches and suggestions on how to make the best out of these transits.

BONUS 2: Astrology And Mental Health - value $ 39

Learn how to spot mental health signatures in your natal chart, and how to restore your mental health with the help of the planets.

Heal your Chiron wound and transform it into a GIFT

Your investment for this program is $149 USD. You can make a one-time payment, or choose the 2-month payment plan of $79/month.

The total cost (if you purchase the course and the two bonus courses separately) is $227, so you save $78.

To enroll, click on your preferred option and you will be redirected to the purchase page. If you have any questions, contact Astro Butterfly using this Contact Form

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