Chiron Retrograde Self-Help KIT

Heal your broken parts and become whole with the Chiron Retrograde Self-Help KIT: 

  •  Dive into your wounds with the Chiron Retrograde guided worksheet
  •  Embrace your broken parts with the Chiron Retrograde audio meditation
  •  Find out what aspects Chiron makes with other planets in the upcoming 4-month retrograde

How did you know that you are meant to be a healer?

 "Because I kept falling in love with broken people"

Then why you are alone?

 "Because I'm broken too, so I am falling in love with myself to get a taste of my own medicine" 


Healing takes courage. Courage to dig deep into yourself. Your feelings of shame, guilt, and inadequacy can give you important hints on what prevents you from healing and becoming whole again. So instead of fighting these feelings, instead of numbing them down, go ahead and explore them. They will show you the treasure that is hidden inside. No one else can do this but you. 

Chiron retrograde is the best time to delve into yourself for deep answers. Chiron retrograde is a great opportunity to:  

  • Face your feelings of shame, guilt and inadequacy and see what is the higher purpose behind them 
  • Find patterns and recurring themes in your wounds, and identify the ways in which they affect you
  • Integrate your broken parts and bring them together into a unified whole  

The Chiron Retrograde Self-Help KIT comes with helpful tools to support you in this journey. You get immediate access to a self-inquiry worksheet to help you ask, and most importantly, answer, important questions about your wounding patterns. The audio meditation will gently help you explore and integrate your wounds, and the overview with Chiron Retrograde key dates will reveal when are the best times to do this self-exploratory work.

What do you get?

Chiron Retrograde Worksheet

 A 7-page PDF worksheet with powerful guided questions to help you uncover patterns that prevent you from embracing your wholeness

Chiron Retrograde Guided Meditation

A downloadable MP3 audio file with a 5-minute guided meditation to help you embrace your deepest wound and become whole again

Important Dates Overview Sheet

A 1-page PDF file with all the aspects Chiron makes with other planets in the upcoming 4-month retrograde period

Ready to dive in?