THE ASPECTS PROGRAM - Deciphering Aspects in the Natal Chart  

June 5th - July 1st, 2023

Aspects are the backbone of the natal chart.  

Yet, astrology lovers of all levels struggle, at least to a certain extent, with aspects - and for good reasons. Aspects are the most complex astrological concept, because aspects weave the whole chart - planets, signs, and houses - together.

There are endless combinations of aspects in signs and houses. Memorizing, or 'learning more' about every single aspect is not an option. Instead, we want an aspect interpretation framework that we can apply to any aspect in our chart or other people's charts.

Astrology lovers struggle with aspects for 2 main reasons:

  • Aspects feel like "math" - that's you if you are an intermediate astrology student who already had a taste of astrology through planets, signs and houses - but aspects are another complexity league
  • Aspects are overlooked - that's you if you are an advanced astrology student who knows "the theory", but may still struggle to weave the meaning of different elements of the chart together

"Deciphering Aspects In The Natal Chart" is a 4-week program where you will learn the ins and outs of astrological aspects - how to 'untangle the knot' and scan through the complexity of sign, house, and multiple aspects combinations, and come up with a meaningful interpretation.

In "Deciphering Aspects In The Natal Chart" we will reverse engineer the astrological aspects. We will start with the core concepts, adding additional interpretation layers as we go.

When we approach aspects in a systematic way - using graphs, formulas and frameworks -, learning happens in a natural, structured, and effective way.

In this course, we will take an 'inside out' approach, which means we will start with the aspects as standalone archetypes, and then, during each module we'll add another layer: planets, signs, and houses, and multiple aspects and aspect patterns.

We will use a 4-step learning framework that will help you understand subtle interpretation nuances, like the difference between a trine or a sextile, or how a planet's sign and house placement influences the aspect's story.

Concepts will gradually 'click', and by the end of the course, the natal chart will come to life.

THE ASPECTS PROGRAM is a 4-module framework to decipher aspects in the natal chart:


Aspects Deep-Dive

STANDALONE ASPECTS: The theory behind each aspect from the lens of astrology, numerology and geometry

  • Deep-dive into the core aspects (one lesson for each aspect)
  • Overview of the minor aspects
  • Aspects and cycles - how aspects build upon each other
  • The exact difference between trines and sextiles, squares and oppositions etc.
  • The Aspects and the Hero's Journey


Aspects And Planets

INTRODUCE PLANETS: Learn how to read aspects in the context of planets, and how planets influence each other through aspects

  • The role planets play in the natal chart
  • Showcase all the aspects with the Venus-Pluto planetary pair
  • Showcase one specific aspect with different planetary combinations
  • The Aspect Reading Formula [1/3]
  • Astrologer's tips and interpretation nuances


Aspects in Signs and Houses

INTRODUCE SIGN AND HOUSE PLACEMENTS: How to read an aspect end to end, e.g. Venus in Gemini in the 4th house square Planet #2.

  • How to get complex interpretation nuances by analyzing planets' sign and house placements
  • Examples of planets in signs and houses
  • Out-of-sign aspects
  • The Aspect Reading Formula [2/3]
  • Astrologer's interpretation tips


Multiple Aspects

INTRODUCE MULTIPLE ASPECTS: How to interpret multiple aspects (e.g. Venus square Mars and trine Pluto) and aspect patterns

  • How to read multiple aspects
  • Aspect Patterns - the secret multiple-aspect interpretation "shortcut"
  • Aspects' hierarchy - how to identify the most important aspects in the chart
  • The Aspect Reading Formula [3/3]
  • Astrologer's interpretation tips

The course IS

  • An aspect-reading framework to help you read any aspect in any natal chart
  • Experiential learning with assignments, reflections and chart practice
  • A teaching approach focused on helping you master aspect interpretation nuances (e.g. the difference between a trine and a sextile)
  • A 3-step Aspect Reading Formula focused on multi-layered aspect interpretation (e.g. aspects in the context of signs and houses)
  • A tool to help you interpret multiple aspects and bring the chart to life

The course is NOT

  • A library of cookie-cutter aspect interpretations
  • A done-for-you interpretation of your natal aspects or a natal chart reading
  • A deep-dive into minor aspects (we introduce the minor aspects, but the teaching framework is built on the core aspects)
  • Information not directly related to aspects, e.g. deep-dive into planets, signs or houses, transits, progressions, asteroids etc.
  • An astrology software like Solar Fire to generate natal charts

What's Inside The Course?

4 Course Modules

The 4 teaching modules consist of video lessons + transcripts and cheat sheets. Modules are released weekly on Mondays; you can go through the content anytime.

Assignments and Exercises

You will complete different exercises and assignments for each module to apply what you learn to your own chart or other people's charts.

Live Q&A calls and Workshops

Weekly Q&A calls and workshops to ask questions, share (in group or 1-on-1), and deepen your learning. The live calls are recorded if you can't join.

Community Support

Get access to a private Community (choose from Facebook group, forum, or both) to ask questions, share your experiences and learn from other students.

Is this your first Astro Butterfly course? More than 4.000 people have graduated from Astro Butterfly School's courses and 97% rated them "Excellent" and "Very good". Here is some feedback:

"I found this course fascinating (I rarely do surveys: it's a sign that I'm doing this). The level of detail was awesome."

"I liked it more than I thought I would. The best $$ spent on an astrology course."

"The course really shed light on behaviors and issues I was not aware of, and brought me peace regarding the things I mastered in my life."  

"I loved it and I've been using what I've learned with my own clients with brilliant results."       

"I'm an instructor and hold a masters degree in Education. This course is extremely well organized!!!"  

"Astro Butterfly courses are unique and insight-provoking. They help me understand astrology in a new way."

Frequently Asked Questions:  

Q: When does the program start and finish?

The program starts on June 5th, 2023 and ends on July 1st, 2023.

Q: Do I need to show up live?

Not necessarily. The course materials are pre-recorded, so you can go through them at your convenience. The Q&A calls and the workshops are live and available at 2 different times of the day. If you can't join live, you can watch the recordings, which are uploaded to the course dashboard within 24 hours.

Q: How long do I have access to the course?

You have lifetime access to the course materials and call recordings.

Q: What is the time commitment?

3-4 hours/week to go through the prerecorded lessons and complete the weekly assignments + 2 hours/week for the live calls (optional) + a few more hours/week for practice and community discussion (optional). Depending on your time availability and learning style, expect to spend from 3 hours to up to 8-10 hours per week, or a total of 16 to 30+ hours in total.

Q: What if I am unhappy with the course?

If you don't benefit from the program, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, subject to submitting proof of completing the weekly assignments. This is to make sure you try the program.

Q: What are the course requirements?

You need to have a working knowledge of planets, signs, and houses, for example you should have an understanding of what Venus in Cancer or Saturn in the 10th house mean. This is not a course for total beginners! If unsure whether the course is a good fit, contact us here with any questions.

This is what you get when you join:

4 x Content Modules "Aspects"

Get access to the 4-module ASPECTS framework: 1) Aspects, 2) Planets in Aspects, 3), Aspects, Signs And Houses, and 4) Multiple Aspects And Aspect Patterns

All modules have accompanying tools: videos, assignments, astrology tutorials, cheatsheets, exercises, and more.

4 x Live Q&A calls

The live Zoom calls are your opportunity to clarify the content we study that week and to learn from other students and chart examples.

The calls are on Thursdays, cover different time zones, and are recorded and uploaded on the course dashboard within 24 hours.

4 x Live Workshops "Integration And Practice"

The live workshops give you the space to practice the concepts you learned. You will be split into small breakout groups with 2-3 students to practice and get feedback.

The workshops are on Sundays, cover different time zones, and are recorded in case you can't make it live.

Community and email support

Get access to a private Community (choose from a Facebook group, forum comment section, or both) to ask questions, share your experiences and learn from other students.

You can also approach the Astro Butterfly team via email (the email address will be communicated to you upon enrollment).

To recap what you get access to:

  • The ASPECTS 4-module framework (a total of 30 pre-recorded lessons + transcripts)
  • 4 x Reflection Assignments, chart examples, quizzes and cheatsheets
  • 4 x Q&A calls (live or recorded)
  • 4 x Practice Workshops (live or recorded)
  • The Aspect-Reading Formula
  • Community sharing and support
  • Lifetime access to all course materials and recordings

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