All About Eclipses

All About Eclipses 

Learn everything you need to know about eclipses 

If you are reading this, chances are you are 'eclipse-curious'. Eclipses intrigue you, and you would love to learn more about this fascinating topic. 

Did you know there are 12 different types of eclipses?

The longest eclipse of the century on July 27, 2018, was a South Node Lunar Eclipse. This gives it a special meaning, very different from the great American eclipse in August 21, 2017, which was a North Node Solar Eclipse.

Eclipses are not the same.

Many people believe eclipses are all about past lives and karma. But that's not exactly true: indeed, some eclipses bring past issues to the surface, but other eclipses come with great opportunities to rewrite the script of your destiny. 

Our ancestors knew how to understand the language of the universe. Thankfully, this knowledge has not been completely lost. I've studied eclipses extensively in the past two decades and discovered some key concepts that I would like to share with you.

All About Eclipses is an online course where you will learn key concepts about eclipses so that you can:  

  • Learn why eclipses are one of, if not the most, critical topics in astrology
  • Discover the 12 different types of eclipses 
  • Align your internal GPS and find out when you have a green light from the universe to rewrite your destiny... and when it's time to let go and surrender
  • Discover the strange ways in which the universe works in your favor  
  • Find out how eclipses affect you and those around you based on the ascendant sign
  • Become your own eclipse astrologer in 2 hours or less - even if you are new to astrology

What will we be covering?


The Deeper Meaning of Eclipses

  • Eclipses and the allegory of separation and rebirth
  • How astrology was basically invented thanks to eclipses
  • "The substitute king" eclipse ritual and how our ancestors used to trade with fate
  • The science of eclipses: disruption and alignment


Eclipses and the Lunar Nodes

  • "The serpent that eats its tail" - the role Lunar Nodes play in eclipses
  • What the Nodes tell you about the story of your evolving soul
  • Why some eclipses are all about karma, while other eclipses are all about free will: when to step into the unknown and when to let go and surrender


Types of eclipses and how to work with them

  • The 12 different types of eclipses and their meaning
  • The subtle, but powerful difference between Solar Eclipses and Lunar Eclipses, North Node and South Node Eclipses
  • How to become your own 'Eclipse astrologer'- step by step instructions

This is what's inside the course:


11 short videos (2 to 3 minutes each) covering the most important concepts

Guides and Tutorials

PDF guides and tutorials to support you in the learning process

Reflection Questions

Reflection questions and quizzes to help you internalize what you learn

  • You are NOT a leaf in the wind but a co-creator of your destiny. 
  • You CAN get access to the script of your destiny, but the portal opens only twice a year, at the eclipses.  
  • The sky speaks to you through eclipses. Find out what does it say.  

IS THIS COURSE RIGHT FOR ME? The course is designed primarily for beginner to intermediate astrology students, however the course also covers some advanced concepts, such as Saros cycles. If you are intrigued about eclipses, the course is definitely for you! 

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All About Eclipses