A community for astrology lovers around the world

The AGE OF AQUARIUS Community is an online community for astrology lovers around the world.

Whether you want to go deeper with your astrology studies, get personalized advice or hang out with other astrology lovers who speak your language, Age Of Aquarius is the place where hearts and minds meet, and astro-magic is created. 

💫 Want to learn astrology? Get access to a large gallery of training, tutorials and webinars - new content is released every month

💫 Want astrology advice? Get your questions answered by Astro Butterfly and other amazing astrologers, get free Solar Return readings on your birthday, tarot readings and more

💫 Want to practice chart reading? Join one of the Age Of Aquarius interest circles "Natal Chart Reading practice" or "Business for astrologers"

💫 Want to speak astrologuese? Welcome to your like-minded community! The discussions and expertise inside the Age Of Aquarius is unmatched by any other astrology community - you will finally find your home

💫 Want to make friends? Meet like minded people and connect online (in calls and in the forum) or in person, in our offline, in person events and through Age Of Aquarius local chapters


What's Inside The AGE OF AQUARIUS?

Monthly Forecast & New Moon Ceremonies

Stay up-to-date with what's going on in the skies:

  • Monthly transits
  • Forecast for your Ascendant sign
  • New Moon goal-setting ceremony; New Moon and Full Moon discussion threads

Astrology Resources & Tutorials

Get access to top astrology content:

  • The "Planets And Psyche" in-depth framework
  • Astrology tutorialstraining and webinars (50+ resources, new content is released monthly)
  • Assignmentschallenges and special discussion threads 


Connect with people who share the same values and "get you":

  • Get support from Astro Butterfly and our in-house astrologers 
  • Share your skills and connect with other astrology lovers
  • Get access to interest-based circles like Natal Chart Reading PracticeBusiness for AstrologersAsk Anything + more  

Our Members Love the Community! Here's Some Feedback: 

"There's real magic happening here. I find myself learning in so many ways and from so many directions - from the content as well as others in the community. I feel truly connected to many new friends on the site, and I'm picking up fascinating astrological bits and pieces all the time."


"Being a member has taught me more about astrology, myself, and true meaning of community - you can't learn everything from books! It's not only about learning, but also about bringing us together. The music threads, and other fun types make my heart sing along with everyone else."


"Age Of Aquarius has provided me with insights from various sources that I probably wouldn’t have had access prior. I love the content and the astrologers who contribute. I also feel safe, secure and encouraged to explore my knowledge, share my experiences and connect to this like minded community. A huge win for me!"


"I love that the astrologers answer specific questions about charts when you respond to their posts. I've learned a lot!"


"Age Of Aquarius just went crazy over my expectations! Since astrology became part of my life, I am starving to learn more about myself and others. The true love of people behind the scene, and in front of :), is incredible. I can feel others through the comments, stories, posts"


"The experience here is very important and feel that in some ways it is a project that is a forerunner to building a more socially resilient society."


"I had no idea I would receive such incredible guidance and real time education. I am 100% blown away and am a loyal member. I’ve never joined a community before - you have set the bar very high for me!"

Questions & Answers

Q: What can I expect to find inside the Age Of Aquarius?

A: In your member area, you get access to a gallery of more than 50 trainings and webinars. The content ranges from tutorials, introduction to planetary archetypes, to more advanced training on topics such as out of bounds planets, house systems, Sabian symbols or solar return charts. New content is released weekly.

In addition to the content, you have access to a private forum when you can ask questions and engage with other members. 


Q: How much astrology do I need to know?

A: AGE OF AQUARIUS is open to all astrology levels, except for total beginner.

Our beginner members love the astrology forecast, the tarot readings, the New Moon ceremonies, and the opportunity to ask questions, while our advanced members love to discuss natal and event charts in the Community forum, or advanced training and discussion on predictive techniques, asteroids, the astrology of cryptocurrencies and more. 

Q: What makes Age Of Aquarius different from other communities?

A: Our members love the personal attention they get, the inclusiveness, the feedback, the opportunity to exchange and participate, and the sense of care and fellowship. The discussions and deep and meaningful. The Age Of Aquarius platform is not on social media - everything is safe and confidential. 

Our astrologers answer every single question. Some Community threads "Ask Anything" or "Happy Solar Return" are specifically for questions. No other astrology community offers this level of support!

Q: What happens if I don't like it?

A: If you don't absolutely love the community, you can cancel your membership anytime (the 1st billing cycle is non-refundable, and the membership is automatically renewed until you cancel). If unsure how to cancel, just send us an email; we reply within 24 hours. 

Any other questions? Contact us using this Contact Form

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