A community for astrology lovers around the world

The AGE OF AQUARIUS Community is an online community for astrology lovers around the world.

The AGE OF AQUARIUS Community is built on Aquarius values: quality content, friendship, collaboration, level-headedness, bottom-up (as opposed to top-down) initiatives, and true democracy.

How the AGE OF AQUARIUS Community works:

Age of Aquarius is a membership program with regular release of new content. Unlike an online course, in the Age of Aquarius, you get access to fresh and relevant material each month. You'll get:

  • MONTHLY FORECASTS: Each month you get access to a video with the most important transits of the month, a forecast for your Ascendant sign, and a New Moon goal-setting ceremony
  • ASTROLOGY CONTENT: Webinars on the "Topic of the month", training videos, tutorials, meditations, astrology calendars, etc.
  • COMMUNITY: Inside the community portal, you have access to a forum-type community where you can safely interact with other members, share your experiences, and ask questions. We also have a dedicated Age Of Aquarius Facebook group, if you prefer to connect via Facebook

The AGE OF AQUARIUS Community values are: 

  • Freedom
  • Quality, bias-free content
  • Connection with like-minded people
  • Everything you need in one place
  • Get in sync with the universe
  • Each individual is unique
  • Experiential learning
  • Collaboration
  • Greater good over individual interests

What's Inside The AGE OF AQUARIUS?

Monthly Forecast & New Moon Ceremonies

Stay up-to-date with what's going on in the skies:

  • Monthly transits
  • Forecast for your Ascendant sign
  • New Moon goal-setting ceremony

Astrology Resources & Tutorials

Get access to astrology content produced by top astrologers who share the Age Of Aquarius values:

  • Monthly webinars on the "Topic of the month"
  • Astrology tutorials, training and resources
  • Calendars, mediations, guides and cheatsheets


Connect with people who share the same values and "get you":

  • Get support from our house astrologers and other community members
  • Share your skills, experiences, and help other members
  • Participate in the community type of our choice: private forum or Facebook group  

Questions & Answers

Q: When do I get access to the content?

A: Straight away! Once you enroll, you will get access to all the content available, and you will get notified via email when new monthly content is released.

Q: Am I expected to contribute?

A: You choose the way you want to engage: you can simply consume content and read other people's discussions, help other members, or start new threads. Whatever feels right to you!

Q: How much time do I need to invest?

A: If you're busy, you can spend at little as 1 hour per month and still get a lot of value. If you have more time, you'll find hours and hours of content in the Resources section, or spend as much time as you want to interact with other members.

Q: Will I get any support?

A: Yes! Our in-house astrologers, as well as the other community members, will answer your questions and provide support.  

Q: How much astrology do I need to know?

A: While AGE OF AQUARIUS is open to all astrology levels, if you are a total beginner or look for horoscope-type of content, this might not be the type of community you are looking for.

Q: What happens if I don't like it?

A: If you don't absolutely love the community, you can cancel your membership with a simple click (the 1st month is non-refundable).

Any other questions? Contact us using this Contact Form.

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